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The drRiedl cosmetics product family matches to today’s leading cosmetic trends. Contains the most up-to-date active ingredients and row materials Identical to the natural products of leading global brands, originating from the same sources. It makes high quality, small batch human manufacturing technology with more than three decades of experience in development available for you. Products have characteristics such as being free of paraben, petroleum products and artificial colorants, the applied fragrances are hypoallergenic. The active vegetable ingredients enhance the efficiency of the products. Be more beautiful, young and fresh by using drRiedl products!

drRiedl Bőrtökéletesítő BB gél sminkalap 30 ml

drRiedl skin perfector BB gel make up base 30 ml

A gel rich in plant hyaluronan and collagen containing micro pigments closed in pearls. In the pump the coloured pigments get released from the pearls, and mixed with the gel formulate a nature colour emulsion. Forming a thin layer on the face the emulsion results a durable make up base up to eight hours. Can also be used on its own as coloured day cream. Corrects the visible roughness of the skin giving a healthy pale beige surface. Offers comfort feeling and moisturises. Prevents the evolving of shiny skin. The active plant ingredients stimulate the self-regenerating processes of the skin. The natural colour fits all different skin tones.

drRiedl anti-age face care oil 30 ml

A formula developed from vegetal oils rich in antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamins for the treatment of facial skin and sensitive areas around eyes. Its essential ingredients the organic argan oil, the macadamia oil, the rose oil the grape seed oil and the carotta oil moderate the symptoms of aging, stimulate blood circulation in veinlets, reduce oedema around eyes. Recovers, relaxes and makes the dry skin velvety, reduces wrinkle depth. It is fully absorbed.

drRiedl Botox hatású anti-age szérum 30ml

drRiedl botox effect anti-age serum 30 ml

Thanks to its content rich in active ingredients is able to collaborate with daytime and night face care products, multiplying their strength. It contains regenerating vegetable collagens, anti-aging grape seed oil and moisturising and revitalising evening primrose oil in high concentration. It effects in more beautiful face contour and less loose and tired skin. Its special active ingredient – the botox effect Argireline® peptide molecule – is such a small protein that reversibly blocks the function of the neural pathways of the skin therefore the impulse arriving through the nerves to the muscles is blocked and the muscle will turn to a “relaxed state” for hours. The studies performed with the active ingredient Argireline® have proved that after 15-30 days from the beginning of its regular application the depths of mimicry and forehead wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth on the treated area is significantly decreased. Thanks to its light formula it absorbs to the skin fast. Also usable for ultrasonic treatments.

drRiedl Bőrregeneráló hatású mélyhidratáló szérum 30ml

drRiedl regenerating deep moisturising serum 30 ml

The active ingredients discontinue the shortness of moisture and vitamins of your skin. From the age of 20 the quantity of hyaluronic acid determining the ability of skin to keep moisture decreases. The vegetal Castia Angustifolia extract substitutes the decreasing hyaluronic acid and the skin is able to keep many times more moisture. The vitamin E inside the natural celluloid pearls has antioxidant, cell protective, anti-aging and anti-inflammation effect. Aloe vera and urea improve the overall condition of your skin, resulting a full and elastic look, decreasing the depth of wrinkles.

Bőrfeszetesítő. lifting szérum

drRiedl regenerating lifting serum 30 ml

Over thirty key word to skin care is stretching. Collagen and elastin fibres relax, skin loosens, face contour gets blurred, wrinkles deepen. The serum prevents this process. The special vegetal (apple) stem cell extract stimulates the skin’s own stem cells getting lazier with age. By starting the skin regenerating mechanisms decreases the depth of wrinkles, makes face contours sharper. The vitamin E inside the natural celluloid pearls has antioxidant, cell protective, anti-aging and anti-inflammation effect. Together with the organic argan oil moisturises and stretches your skin.

drRiedl Intenzív szemránckrém 30 ml

drRiedl intensive anti-wrinkle eye contour cream 30 ml

Vegetal hyialuronan substitutes the decreasing hyaluronic acid, Swiss apple stem cells increase skin cell activity and vitality, organic argan oil and bio pileworth rich in vitamin C

regenerate the wrinkled skin surface loosing collagen and elastin content, urea positively effects the moisture absorption ability.

The active plant ingredients efficiently reduce the deep wrinkles on the irritable surface around the eyes. They help to remove the puffines and dark circles by intensifying the microcirculation of blood and lymph. Recommended already from age 25.

drRiedl Szemránckezelő koncentrátum 3x3 ml

drRiedl anti-wrinkle eye contour concentrate 3×3 ml

An intelligent product that is effective in itself but in collaboration with a regular eye care product is able to multiply its efficiency. The concentrate containing vegetable origin, liposome structured   Swiss apple stem cells and acerola vitamin C is proven to increase skin cell activity and vitality. It revitalizes the self-renewal ability of the stem cells of the skin and actively regenerates the wrinkled skin surface around the eyes loosing collagen and elastin content. Stimulates collagen production, has anti-aging effect and promotes oxygen intake of the cells. As an effect the sensitive skin around the eyes will be rejuvenated by an extent you have never seen before.

drRiedl Arclemosó tej organikus növényi kivonatokkal 100ml

drRiedl cleansing milk with organic vegetal extracts for any skin 100 ml

Face care product rich in certified bio argan oil, green tea and hibiscus extracts perfectly cleaning your skin, removing daily pollutions and make-up. The in antioxidants rich organic green tea and hibiscus extracts increase the collagen and elastin production of skin, the bio argan oil smoothes wrinkles, regenerates and vitalises your skin.

drRiedl Hámeltávolító, pórustisztító arcradir 100ml

drRiedl exfoliating pore cleansing scrub for any skin 100 ml

Product rich in effective vegetal extracts. The exfoliating effect of the papaya fruit extract and the scrubbing effect of the apricot kernel powder removes dead epidermic cells and gathered pollution from the pores. The conditioning shea butter extracted from the seeds of fruit of karite tree (vitellaria) contains skin protecting vitamin A and E, anti-inflammatory allantoin and antioxidants. It absorbs deeply and makes skin lively.

Vitalizáló Arctonik

drRiedl refreshing face lotion 200 ml

Refreshing, gentle, intensifying face lotion with certified bio argan oil, aloe vera gel and lemon extract. The bio argan oil smoothens wrinkles, regenerates and vitalises, the organic aloe vera gel moisturises your skin and keeps skin balance. The active ingredients of organic lemon stimulates the collagen synthesis, have cell renewing and vein wall strengthening effect. Removes everyday pollution and the rest of make-up. Paraben, artificial colouring and allergen fragrance free.

24 órás hatású bőrmegújító arckrém

drRiedl 24 hour effect renewing face cream for normal skin 50 ml

High concentration of wrinkle reducing plant origin hialuron, which besides being an effective moisture absorbent, also hydrates the collagen and elastin fibres in the connective tissue. The active ingredient ceramide forms a healthy lipid layer and prevents the aging of the skin, while the organic argan oil smoothens it. Usage of the cream ends in a nicer face contour, and reduces the looseness and tiredness of the skin becoming tighter and fuller, smoothens the wrinkles. Start to use already at the age of 25. Also contains UVA and UVB filter. Use the cream twice a day, in the morning and in the evening into the cleansed skin of your face, neck and décolletage.

drRiedl Intenzív bőrpuhító arckrém száraz bőrre 50 ml

drRiedl intensive softening face cream 50 ml

A moisturiser containing active ingredient similar to the natural water absorbent of the skin (urea) that helps to refill the lost fat and moisture content of the skin. Its natural vegetable ingredients (shea butter, wheat germ and evening primrose oil) help in easy and fast absorption and decrease the tightness of the skin. Regular application noticeably improves the condition of dry, problematic facial skin.

drRiedl Speciális arckrém aknés, problémás bőrre 50 ml

drRiedl special cream for problematic skin 50 ml

Proposed for the treatment of problematic skin (oily, spotted, exfoliation with scurf and scratchy skin) due to the individually increased grease production.  The active ingredients efficiently treat the unpleasant symptoms. Its active ingredient is the narrow-leaved tea-tree oil, which beside its relaxing effect is able to control the grease production of the skin. St. John’s wort oil moisturises, urea softens, shea butter gently cares and menthol refreshes your skin. Regular use can eliminate the exfoliating, scratchy red spots located in zones on forehead contour, eyebrows, nasal root and behind the ears that are activated in stressful periods.

drRiedl Bőrfiatalító kézkrém 100 ml

drRiedl skin rejuvenating hand cream 100 ml

The shea butter extracted from the seeds of fruit of karite tree (vitellaria) contains vitamins A and E, anti-inflammatory allantoin and anti-oxidants, moisturises and makes more elastic your exposed hand skin. Active ingredient of the cream is the common purnarnava root extract that blocks melanin synthesis. Together with the 2 factor sun protection effect of the shea butter when used regularly evidently pales the pigment spots on your hand.

drRiedl refreshing foot care lotion for varicose, tired feet with magnesium 100 ml

Product enriched with urea (6%) that softens skin surface and lets fine active ingredients (shea butter, horse-chestnut and St. John’s wort extract) absorb to deeper layers. The shea butter extracted from the seeds of the fruit of karite tree (vitellaria) contains vitamin A and E, anti-inflammatory allantoin and anti-oxidants. It nourishes, moisturises and makes the skin more elastic on your exposed feet skin. Its horse-chestnut and St. John’s wort extract content improves the flexibility of vein walls, decreases the incidence of oedema and moderates unpleasant tightening feeling. Its peppermint oil content is refreshing and has a moderating effect on itching.

Bőrfeszesítő, energizáló testápoló

drRiedl firming, energising body lotion for any skin 250 ml

The skin is exposed to damages resulting in reduced elasticity and flexibility of the skin, speeding up the ageing process and development of wrinkles. The body lotion containing nourishing shea butter, antioxidant bio acai, skin renewing organic aloe vera infiltrates into the skin and effectively reconstructs the flexibility and tightness of the skin tissue, stops the looseness. The 6% urea positively effects the moisture absorption ability of the skin, changing it to moisturised and soft. It absorbs quickly and easily without leaving a greasy shine. It gives a perfect comfortable feeling to your skin. Use every day especially after taking a shower or bath. Can be used as a balm after sunbath.

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